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Where should your firm set up social media shop? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? All of the above? It's a tough decision to make and really comes down to how much time you have to post consistently. Some other considerations can be found HERE. 


Social Media Strategy


CBA Launches Online Resource for Lawyers Crossing International Borders

The Canadian Bar Association has launched an online resource for lawyers to educate themselves about their technological devices when they’re crossing international borders. More HERE

We're happy to announce that we now offer social media consulting! If you've been struggling to gain clients using social media or want to boost your brand, call to book a strategy session with Jennifer! 

Social Media in Court

Social media is an alternative form of service. #yougotserved.  


EY Says it Pose a Real Threat to Traditional Law Firms

"We're spending $2 billion on client-based technology in the next 18 months. That's kind of difficult to compete against, to be frank." – Chris Price, CEO EY Riverview Law, at a presentation last month about the threat that EY posed to traditional law firms. 


Real Lawyers Have Blogs

2010 - present

Large law firm blog success may require individual lawyer blogs. Find out why here.

Why Remote Workers Are More (Yes, More) Engaged

Harvard's Business Review blogger, Scott Edinger, discusses the importance of effective communication for remote and office workers and concludes that remote workers are more engaged. Read the post HERE. 

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2010 - present

E-Lawyering in an Age of Accelerating Technology

Not a single industry exists that is exempt from having to adapt to advances in technology. It's interesting to see how tech is transforming client service, reducing lawyer burnout and increasing efficiencies in an industry that has historically been slow to change. More on this.

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Virtual Firms Open New Doors to Work Life Balance

"eLawyering" allows for increased work-life balance, efficiency and flexibility. "Virtual law offices allow lawyers to deliver legal services through secure Internet platforms and client portals, from anywhere." Read the post, written by legal writer, Joe Forward, HERE

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The Evolution of the Law Office in the "Internet Age"

While virtual law firms don't work for all areas of the law, for some it is the key to practicing law in the digital era: environmentally conscious, increased communication and efficiency, flexibility and balance. Read the post, written by Samantha Ferguson of Legal Services International, HERE

Flexible Work Environment Highly Sought After By Many Lawyers

Paid parental leave, part-time and casual work, telecommuting, leave without pay, opportunities to purchase additional leave and strict maximum hours are just some of the ways firms are finding and retaining top legal talent. Read more HERE.

All Work, 
No Play


Competitive Billing Discouraged By Firm Head

Firm head says "chest beating" about the amount of hours billed to should be strongly discouraged. "A culture where it is expected people will work late regularly is not fostered or celebrated." Read the article, written by Justin Whealing of Lawyers Weekly, HERE.

Is it ever ok to say you're too busy to take on more work? 

How do you gauge when it's appropriate to say "no" to taking on more work because you're actually busy? Read Above the Law's blog post on the subject HERE.

Gen-Y Lawyers

Gen-Y Lawyer Ponders the Meaning of Success


​Forbes guest blogger, Alexis Sclamberg provides some insight into the intricate mind of the Gen-Y Lawyer. "I may not be your kind of ambitious, but my own kind of ambitious is all right." Read more HERE.

Trying to Recruit Gen-Y Lawyers? Focus on Innovation and Lifestyle!


​To recruit and more importantly retain young talent, consider that Gen-Y lawyers support innovation and creativity, expect up-to-date technology and have a sense of fair play and civic responsibility. Get a sense of where the legal industry is headed HERE