• Create effective job description

  • Compensation advice

  • Sourcing methods


  • Posting on job boards

  • Social media campaigns

  • Distribution across our network

  • Active sourcing 


  • Pre-screening 

  • Reference checking

  • Easy to read candidate profiles of the best of the bunch


  • Coordinate in-person interviews

  • Advise on job offer

  • Assist with negotiation

  • Continued support after candidate's start date


In-House Counsel
Legal Assistants
HR Professionals
Practice Buy-Outs
Prospective Purchasers
Succession Planning
Growth Strategy
Virtual Firms
Remote Staff
Thanks for stopping by! We know you're busy, so we'll cut to the chase. This is how we can help you recruit the best legal talent for your firm or company.
Job posting, including distribution across our social networks and to qualified candidates in our database
Sourcing "passive candidates" who may not be actively looking for a new position, but might be the perfect fit!
Sorting through applications, shortlisting and pre-screening candidates so that you end up with the best of the bunch
Coordinating in-person interviews, including follow-up afterwards for valuable feedback from the candidate
Advice on setting an appropriate salary range for the position, including structuring competitive compensation packages and evaluating market trends
Advice on your job offer before presentation to the candidate
Assistance and support during the offer negotiation process
Continued support after the candidate's start date, including check-ins with both sides to proactively handle any concerns, as well as a replacement guarantee in case things just won't work out

We're Not Your Typical Legal Recruitment Agency


We're virtual, entrepreneurial and efficient. Operating virtually has given us the flexibility to assist a wide variety of firms with different business models, from sole practitioners to associations of independent practitioners to large, National firms. We customize our search based on your distinct business model and strategy. If your strategy is to reduce costs and you require a remote lawyer to help meet targets, we can help. If your strategy is optimized growth and you require a full-time lawyer or part-time support staff, we can help with that, too. We attract top talent by developing quality relationships with candidates and have received superior feedback, particularly on how we're different from other legal recruitment agencies. Check out the "Kind Words" section at the bottom of our homepage to see what we mean!

We Save You Time and Money

Working remotely, we are able to provide you with affordable recruitment services no matter what the size of your practice is. ​Without a physical office to manage, we spend extra time and resources on staying current on technological trends to find candidates as efficiently as we can. We save you time by presenting you with only the best suited candidates in as short a time frame as possible. You will only meet those most qualified, which means more time for you to spend on your clients, building value for your firm.

We Love What We Do

We've been told that our passion and dedication shows. We are continuously learning and improving to perfect our recruitment processes, but we also love building quality relationships with our clients and candidates. We take pride in knowing that we go above and beyond for both. It's never just about the placement for us. It's about reaching long-term goals, supporting innovative practices and helping great people find fulfilling careers!



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